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1.-               Beginnings.   How this got started.

2.-               Turning a dream into reality.

3.-               Expedition I gets under way

4.-               Homework about the jungle.                                     

5.-               Explorers  Innterlude.

6.-               Ants, Monkeys and Myths.

7.-               Few shall see Paititi.

8.-               Guardians of the lost city.

9.-               Jungle:  beauties and dangers.

10.-             Making for the objectives.


11.-             Machiguenga eat’s  drink & merriment.

12.-             Helicopter  To the “Pyramids”

13.-             Palotoa’s  great petroglyph.

14.-             Lightning!  Let’s get out of  here!

15.-             The origins:  Paititi scoreboard

16.-             Great sunrise for expedition II.

17.-             Fossil-tree stairway by the mile.

18.-             Callanga River farm idylls.

19.-             Mapacho Valley: sweat or shiver.

20.-             Incan trail-marks galore.


21.-             Story of the condemned.

22.-             Damnation, examination, revelation.

23.-             Valley of  deceit: trick and no treat.

24.-             Symbolism and speculation.

25.-             Archaeology cornucopia.

26.-             Ancient Choquecancha,  alive!

27.-             Auromania before  expedition III

28.-             Brush with a famous name.

29.-             Booby-trapped   burial-mound.

30.-             Metro- Lima,  Hyper-hema,  retro-schema.


31.-             On the way to the rock-paintings.

32.-             Stone carvings.  Wise old lady.

33.-             Place of writing.  Test o loyalty.

34.-             Still-life with serpent.

35.-             Kelcassca to the kurkur barrier.

36.-             Sun-country.  Black  lake  parting.

37.-             U.F.O.s  near in and far out.

38.-             Learning  from the Andes.

39.-             Project  Paititi:  Plan, Budget, funding.

40.-             Paucartambo’s  three-day party.





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